I started this blog as a sort of archive or journal for things I create. I make things like shoes, clothing, crochet, leather crafts, food and did I say shoes? However, I also want to inspire others with tutorials and recipes and not by only showcase what I create. It takes a lot of time to create tutorials and recipes. Thinking up a project, making it (maybe several times), remove errors, capture the progress in pictures or a video, shoot the result, write the step-by-step that is readable for your audience and eventually making a blog out of it.

As a newbie in the blogosphere I am finding out how and what kind of post I like to write. The most heard tip for beginning bloggers is to stay true to yourself and have fun. I can not be to hard on myself by thinking that I have to post everyday. Like ‘slow cooking’ and ‘slow fashion’ I even heard of the term ‘slow blogging’, I feel strongly related to those terms. Rome wasn’t build in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour. See the blog post as Rome and all the bricks as the preparation. Quality over quantity heya!

Amsterdam Fashion Week

Well enough jabbering about the blog. I am now in the brick stage, so in the mean time let me take you a few years back. January 2014. In collaboration with Clarks Liesel Swart, my former Dutch Shoe Academy teacher, managed to set up a huge shoe awards show at the Amsterdam Fashion Week. To enter the competition you had to send in 4 shoe designs, 3 free work designs and 1 inspired by a classic Clarks model. You could win €1000,- for a start-up and €3500,- to spend on a course at the Dutch Shoe Academy. Ten designers made the cut, including me! Hurrayyy. I felt like I already hit the jackpot!

Happy as a clam I realized that I had to finish four pairs of shoes in less than a month. In my hands, a good walkable  and well constructed shoe takes at least a full-time week to make. I also needed to figure out the difficult constructions I made up. Oh, and I worked 32 hours a week at my regular job. Do the math: right, no time for sleeping or eating. Who needs these basic necessities anyway… I finished my shoes the night before the show thanks to my husband, and my amazing teachers Liesel and René van de Berg. Unfortunately not the quality that I wanted them to be, however you could walk on them and they came close to the design I had in mind.

The design

I was inspired by the visual similarities of sow bugs, architecture and space/futurists. I found the organic forms and the lines mesmerizing. Molding with paper strokes I made some designs that came to my imagination.

inspiration amsterdam fashion week


I have a lot of experience being on stage as a dancer but this ‘performance’ made me sick to the stomach. Nerves I did not feel in a long time, because real models had to walk in my shoes without tripping down. I did not have any control of what happened on stage, trust is the word.  I could not see the direct reaction of the audience. The moment came. After a day of rehearsals, fitting and eating nails. The models strolled down the runway on the deep house beats of Jimpster like space vixens who owned the universe. My heart jumped a little, I did it, they did it!

 Amsterdam fashion week 3
Amsterdam fashion week 1

Due to all the stress and hard work I totally forgot this show was an Award show. I did not win, I never expected to win. For me participating in this show was already a victory. Janine van den Bosch won the award, well deserved. Her work is a-ma-zing.

It was a big roller coaster ride and I am proud I made it out alive. I am not a very experienced shoe maker and shows like this are a true challenge. But hell, it was one mind-blowing experience and I would do it over in a wink!

Processed with MOLDIV


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Photography by Team Peter Stigter©

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