Monday, c’est ne pas mon day. In my best French. I had to go to work yesterday. I’ve been (am) overworked and am busy reintegrating. It is a long story and maybe I’ll go in on that another time. To long and heavy for this post. However, I did not feel like going and it was super exhausting.

The weekend was good. Saturday I spent some quality time with the husband. We strolled around and grabbed some lunch in the city. Now baby J is in our lives, quality time together is rare, so we cherish it even more than we already did.

bag detailOn Sunday I celebrated my birthday. My actual birthday is in May, thus it was more of a first quarter birthday? I threw a party with my best friend from elementary¬† school. We are besties for almost a staggering 25 years now, we’ve been trough a lot together and both became baby mommas last year. We decided to mommifie our little fest and held an afternoon soiree with cold beverages and tart. It was the first time I threw a party where I did not make ANY food. I felt a little guilty towards everybody, but I did not hear anyone complaining. Next time when I regained more energy, I will do my magic in the kitchen again. Not because I felt guilty toward all my friends and family, but simply because I love cooking.

About my best friend: people always think we are related. Similarities: curls, skin tone, humor, mindset etcetera. Our roots are worlds apart, her roots are in the Antilles and mine are in Indonesia. But I have to admit, we do look a bit alike. We don’t mind that people confuse us and sometimes we go along in the story just for the fun. We are super close, more than ever since we both have babies. Sharing gruesome labor stories and filthy baby poop experiences. She supports me and gives me advise if I need it, and I try to be there for her 24/7.

The bag

After so many years of friendship you think twice about what to give as a birthday present. I wanted to give her a special and personal gift, and what is more personal than something handmade? Like me (another similarity) she is hooked on hooks. Crocheting comes with some tools like yarn needles, hooks and scissors. Therefore I made her a small leather purse and I added a matching tassel. I love one-day projects, they are a breath of fresh air compared too making shoes. Making shoes is such a joy, but the amount of time and effort you put into just one pair is ginormous. Last Friday I reorganized my leather stash and found some hides I wanted to use for her birthday gift. –ihavesomuchleahter-

For the base of the bag I used a dark grey smooth leather and details are made with blush red metallic leather. Sunday I offered her the bag and luckily she really liked it. I think she is one of the biggest Kina’s Kitchen fans :). On to the next 25!

bag finishing piping
To finishing the seam of the upper edge of the bag I used the technique called piping. I made a stripe of leather and folded it lengthwise in half, and glued it together layering a thread of yarn in the center, see left picture. This way you create an embellishment in the leather.

bag open bag closed

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