And her it is again. Monday. How was your weekend? Did you enjoy the sun, if there was any where ever you were? July and August always have this holiday feeling, even though you are not on a holiday. The sun is out, people are more relaxed, tourists flood the city and days feel longer. That is the charm of the summer and so has each season its own. Saturday I packed my bag and we went down south to have a little bbq/sleepover with some good friends and Sunday afternoon baby J had a playdate! But my weekend started of Friday afternoon. Fridays are for me and the studio.

Glitter shopper bag details

The studio…

I have this awesome workplace that I share with some fellow shoe designers. It is quite big, has a nice high ceiling and it is super bright. I moved in, a couple of months after the birth of the little munchkin. Besides losing my apatite during the pregnancy I also lost the will to make shoes. Instead, I got totally lost in crochetspace. The idea of this studio was to help me get back on my (creative) feet. It took a little while but it paid off. They (=the masters of knowingitall) are right in what they say about 9 months pregnant, 9 months mental and physical recovery.

glitter shopper bag logo

…and her flaws

Now, 10 months postpartum I made it a habit to have some studio time every Friday, I love it. Me-time is almost sacred when you are a mom. Like how taking a shower feels like a spa retreat. I could write a whole post about what I discovered as being a mom. Hmm, and maybe I will someday. Anyway, unfortunately the studio has one weak spot. A big BUT. Hey, nothing is perfect.

It is SO damn hot in there! It is literally a sweatshop.

The windows are 3 meters above our heads, way up in the ceiling and they can not open. It is actually a perfect glass house, now that I think of it. Tomato growing ftw! Last week the temperatures rose to a height of +32°C here in the Netherlands. By Dutch standards tropical. Friday came around the corner and I decided to go to the studio. I thought I was brave, but actually I was kind of stupid. After a couple of hours melting away, my mind was telling me yes. But my body, my booodyyy was telling me no-hooo (sorry Mr. Kelly, I ruined your lyrics again). So I went home to do some sewing. In my underwear, with the curtains closed.

Sorry for the anti-climax.

Unfinished business

I did not make the bag that I am about to show you last Friday. I have hundreds of unfinished projects scattered around my house and studio. Pretty annoying for my husband (and myself). I hate this habit of mine. Leaving projects unfinished. I do not know where to stash the Uncompleted, however I also think it is a waste to throw them away. This project was also waiting patiently to be finished, and finally her time had come. It feels very good to grab something old and forgotten out of the closet and completing it. Maybe I have to keep this in mind the next time..

I made this bag of gold/silver shimmering leather, I also used it for the wedding shoes of my husband. It is not to be seen in my precious work but I love glitters! In this bag I used my label for the first time, the fun. I am a bag rookie, so please do not judge me on the finishing skills. I would love to learn more techniques for making bags, that would up my leather skills. Oh well, I would love to do a thousands things… I am rambling again. Back to the bag. Here it is! Do you like it? I hope I inspired you a little with this post, or even make you smile a little. Because Monday is already hard enough, isn’t it?

Liked this bag? Here is another one!

glitter shopper bag back

Glitter shopper bag hanging

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