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I will kick off Kina’s Kitchen with a very dear crochet project I made last year. As I told in my earlier post I love to create and I am always triggered to learn and do something new. And when I actually start to learn this new skill, I kind off get obsessed with it, that was also the case for crochet. Last year September I sat at home, looking like I swallowed a big ol’ balloon, figuring out what to do with all my maternity leave. There is something in me that doesn’t understand the art of doing nothing, love to learn that someday…


The crochet adventure

So, bloated me sitting on the couch growing like a potato, I craved for something to do while moving as little as possible (and binge-watching Netflix). I reached out to Pinterest, my bestie, for some advise and inspiration. And there it was, I saw some utterly cutie patootie crochet projects, perfect to keep this mini-person warm when he is out of my belly in a few more weeks. I bought some crochet hooks & yarn, went to the library for old time sake and rented a few books. I sat down on the couch with all this fresh new gear and Mr. Youtube and Miss Books thought me where to start.

It was quite easy to lay my hands on, I tried knitting before a long time ago –one big sad failure-, but crocheting turned out not to bad. I first repeated the basics a thousand times and off I went on the roller coaster monster called crocheting! GrannySquareBlanket5

The first project

Now that I mastered the basics, I entered the combat of choosing the right project.  A rookie friendly project, not to rusty&dusty (sounds like a grumpy old couple from a bad reality show) and so fresh and so clean-clean. I choose to go for a warm baby blanky with a vintage pattern but with some popping fresh colors, to give it a twenty-ten  feeling. And what a good decision it was, my little monkey is almost turning 9 months now (oh how the time flies…) he doesn’t fit under the blanket anymore but in the first winter months it kept him warm and snuggly.

I can’t remember which yarn and hook I used, I blame it on my (post)pregnancy brain, but if you make one granny measure the length and width so you can easily calculate how much you need for your desired blanket size. I made a 75 x75 cm blanket and the grannies were 12×12 cm (6×6 grannies).


Oh-so-basic granny

I made 8 gray, 15 off-white, 9 light blue and 4 mustard yellow and for the edging I used darker gray

I could write the who-to but this granny is like the godmother of Grannies with a capital G. So I redirect you to this blog for the instructions, they are described very extensive with pictures and all. The only different with my grannies is Renate is using trebble crochet and I used double crochet. I will write a shortened version below if you’re up for a challenge. Or if you already now how to crochet, or you could read the chart if you’re into that. Go crazy.

Granny square chartGranny square drawing

  • ch- chain
  • dc- double crochet (US)

Start ch 6 and slip stitch into the first chain stitch to form a circle.

Round 1. ch3 , these count as the first double crochet. 2 dc in the circle, followed by ch 3, *3 dc – ch3* repeat from * – * 2x. Close round with a sl st in last chain of ch3 from the start.

Round 2. DO NOT TURN ch4,  dc (3x) ch3 dc (3x) in first hole. *ch1, dc (3x) in next corner, ch3, dc (3x)* repeat from * -* 2x. Close round with a sl st in last chain of ch3 from the start.

Round 3. DO NOT TURN ch3 , these count as the first double crochet. Dc (2x) in first hole, ch1, in next corner dc (3x), ch3, dc (3x). *Ch1, dc (3x) in next hole, ch1, in next corner dc (3x), ch3, dc (3x)* repeat from * -* 2x. Close round with a sl st in last chain of ch3 from the start.

You finished your first granny. Hip hip hurray! I repeated this cycle 36 times in the different colors I mentioned. It is repetitive work, or you can call it meditative to give it a more appetizing feel. As I said, Netflix was my sidekick along the way.




Once you finished the desired amount of grannies (another Hurrayyy!) the fun part starts, no really. Before you can assemble the blanket you have to carefully lay down all these lovely grannies (be aware; these old women suffer from osteoporosis and such) and decide a pattern/color order. When decided you can start joining all the squares, here is a nice blog about kinds of joining. Back then I choose for option 10, single crochet with chains. Looking back I would have picked another more exciting method but hey, I just started crochet so I went for the easy way out. To finish the blanket I simply single crochet around the edge.

And you’re done! Grannies check, joining check, edging check. Just finish the thing of, cut those lose threads and now muffle your little munchkin under the blanket, or yourself, or somebody else… Good luck and I would love to see your project



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