This is the title of a standard first post on wordpress. Hello world. I rather think of it is a note to self than to the world, but that is OK for now. SO, first post. I have created multiple blogs in the past, one about a internship I did in Boston, one with my (now) husband about food and restaurants & one about my creations in the kitchen. Unfortunately, non of them last, the one about Boston was, of course, only temporary but for the other two… I could make up a thousand excuses but I just think it wasn’t the right time yet. I hope time has come now! My head is buzzing with ideas for this blog and I can’t wait to write them all down. Hopefully I can convert the chaos that’s always in my mind in a sort of structured blog, by writing it all down. And maybe, maybe, I can inspire other people or find like-minded ones, to share thoughts and information, like you all did on the interwebz for me the last dozen years.

Crochet bunny ears Denim Shoes

As the blog title suggests I am writing about food, especially making food. Non of it is less true, however, I will also write about other stuff I create and about inspirations an thoughts about life. Everywhere you can create something, is sort of a kitchen. I don’t know yet where this blog will lead me, but the things I make in life are lifestyle oriented; shoes and other leathery stuff, crochet, food, clothing and all that comes in my way. I actually would like to make everything myself, mission impossible. From time to time a little exhausting but also fulfilling (read: if the project works out, otherwise: frustrations, hair loss and gallons of tears, no really). As much I love to explore other worlds, I would love to take you into my world.

I  warmly welcome you into my kitchen. Bon appétit.

little triangle bag   Wedding dinner table

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