If you have a big life event coming up there are thousands of to-do lists to be found. They give you an easy summary of what you should do to prepare yourself on the big upcoming change. Like getting an Ikea family card before even considering moving in together, tasting your wedding cake the day after the engagement and making sure you have your baby signed up for primary school before conceiving. Craazzzy!

I have to admit I read them. Afterwards I go trough some stages of emotions: hysterical laughing, anger, rage, and acceptance following with closing my laptop, trying not to smash it into the wall. Sometimes these lists are helpful to get a grip on the situation. Nevertheless, likely it makes loads of people feel like they fall behind on ‘schedule’.

The nightmare called lists

Last year, when I was pregnant I dove into the web-world of the big beautiful bumps. To-do lists flooded me. Accordingly, we HAD to finish the nursery before – if I remember correctly 6 months. More than a year later, the nursery is still is half-done. oopsey daisy daisy. Yes, I did go trough the well-known nesting phase. Nesting is surly not a myth, with an iron in one hand and a rag in the other I cleansed the house from top to bottom. The first half-year we used the nursery only as baby changing station and walk-in closet for our little munchkin. I seriously think an unfinished room did not mentally or physically hurt him.

But, list or no list, we needed some essentials for the nursery. Pinning like a mad (wo)man I concluded that we, could or would not, afford any of the options I pinned. Well designed, quality made things equals $$$. On to the next plan: diy the hell out of it! That led us to good old Ikea. Ikea furniture is like a blank canvas. Perfect for all your rebuilding and diy’ing. However, the big mistake often made is just copying the Ikea showroom-look and forget to make it your own. It is so easy to turn a plain and inexpensive piece of furniture into a stunner that looks like a thousand bucks. Well, hold up – wait a minute: I am going to show you how too!


Leather pulls for your Ikea Hemnes drawer

This tutorial is not really a hack as I stated in the blog title. It is more an upgrade for the usual included Ikea Hemnes drawer hardware. Hemnes cabinet comes in several sizes and colors. We purchased the large version with 8 drawers. It is a very easy and quick diy that transforms the feel of your new (or old!) drawer. I say old, because I used the Hemnes drawer as my example but in theory you can refurbish every cabinet you want. It is an inexpensive upgrade to make your piece look chic, high-end and unique in a whip. You can even go nuts and use different sorts of leather depending on your own style. It is your party and you can do what you want to.

Lets get to work

Materials needed:

ikealeatherhardware ScrewBolds1

  • Piece of thick 2mm leather
    • 17 cm x 3 cm for 1 drawer (for 8 use at least 12 cm x 34 cm)
  • Hollow punch/multi hole punch (3 mm)
  • Ruler and protractor
  • (leather) knife or scissor
  • Pen
  • Screws and bolts; for Hemnes you need 20 mm screws with a diameter 4 mm.
Step 1

Measure for each pull a strip of 17 cm x 3 cm and cut the leather. You could use either a knife or a scissor, whatever works for you. Make sure the leather is at least 2 mm thick. If the leather is to thin it could rip eventually. If you do not have access to a store that sells leather like this, you could also search for old belts to use for this project.

IkeaLeatherHardware Cut

Step 2 (optional)

If you worked with leather before, maybe you have heard from the technique skiving. It is used when you want to reduce the thickness of the leather. You can either use a skiving machine or by hand. I don’t own a machine, so I learned to skive with a flexible knife and a Japanese leather knife.

It is a rather difficult technique to master but IF you can skive, NOW is the moment to do it! Reduce 1 cm of the leather thickness to zero on the short edge.

IkeaLeatherHardware Skive

Step 3

Time for some confetti! Take your puncher and make a hole at 4,5 cm from the skived side, right in the middle of the leather.

First hole
First hole

Fold over the other end of the leather strip (flesh sides on top of each other) and mark were you want your next hole to be. Punch the second hole.

Seconde hole
Seconde hole

ikealeatherhardware Fold Leather1Now fold the leather 3 times, mark the spot for the last hole and again punch out the hole. Your strip should look something like this:

Thirth hole
Thirth hole
Step 4…

…and last step! Go to your cabinet and put the screws through the holes of the drawers (back to front). Make sure the leather is straight in front of your drawer when you tighten the bolt. ikealeatherhardware-attatch

C’est tout! As we say in the Netherlands: a kid can do the laundry. Google translates it to “it’s as simple as that”, less fun in my opinion. If I can do it, you can do it to :)!

IkeaLeatherHardware sideview

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