In each post I write a little about that specific subject, but guess what? There is more behind Kina’s Kitchen! With the ‘inside the cupboard’-posts I will share some bits and pieces about my life. Light stuff like things that inspire me, what I do in daily life, things that crack me up or that sweep me off my feet. I will invite you to dive a little deeper into the cupboards of my kitchen, sounds piquant no?

Travel cravings

It has been a while since we went on a big trip. Yes, we have been to the Ardennes & Wadden Islands past year, but we are in a big need for a longer getaway with the family. Currently we are daydreaming  about Portugal. I’ve been there once, quite few years ago, but it has been to long. The vivid colors, the warm people, the pace. It would be a great escape from our daily routine.

Image #1 by Momota.m & #2 by Fábio Eusébio

A day at the studio

I needed to make my baby some shoes. It could not be that his first shoes are store bought when I can make them myself. Hours of puzzling and fighting with the pattern resulted in tiny sneakers . I selected hunter green nubuck, white salmon and yellow textured leather. That is some upscale leather for your first shoe right? However the pattern still needs some tweaking.


Last week I made me some tasty, not so good looking, chocolate-coco banana pancakes. A dash of fresh chopped mint leaves on this sad brown pile works wonders. Adding greens to a dish for photographs is like touching up a shiny face with make up. Extra benefit, the mint tasted perfect with the pancakes. Maybe I’ll put a small recipe on the blog in the near future.

About the cake: the husband and I had some quality time together. What is a better way to enjoy this time than with tarts? Not your average but the best in town. Bond & Smolders didn’t let us down and I filled my tummy with this delicious lemon pastry.

I also fabricated a quick grated beet salad with grilled halloumi cheese and fresh parsley. You see what I did there with the parsley right?

Utrecht strollings

Sometimes I just love to wander around my hometown Utrecht. It is an old and charismatic city. I took a few snapshots around the Dom church area. It was a cloudy day, good for a somber minimalistic snapshot. I put on my Inspector Gadget hat and found me some old tiles depicting the Dom cathedral.

I also found an old factory where I made the most ominous photograph of them all. It is rare to find buildings like this in the Utrecht area since everything needs to be rebuild or demolished.

Family time

We enjoy every second as a family. Even when our son wakes us up at 7 am on Sunday morning. I opened the balcony door, a fresh breeze stroke my face. The scent of the morning felt was so lovely. So we decided to go for a morning stroll while the whole world was fast asleep. Plus side: it was such a hot week and at this crazy hour we did not yet melt away.

With a little kid in your life you uncover the world as a playground. He grows bigger and bigger every day and is the most curious baby ever. It is so much fun to see him go on his little big adventures, the grass tickling between his little toes. Cuteness overload…

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