It has been two weeks already since my first ‘Inside the cupboard‘ post! Time for a next biweekly overview. What have you been up too? I have not been to work for a couple of weeks now, due to a mild burn out. My brain is a little fuzzy since I became a mom, and I need to get things sorted out in my head. Never knew this takes a lot of time and energy, until now. But that is not a story for now. If you ask me the question what I have done the last couple of weeks I can not give you a clear answer. But luckily we live in an era where we can capture everything by pictures and use them as a visual journal.

Leather hunting

Buying leather in the Netherlands is always a pain in the ass. I live right in the center of the country, but I need to travel at least 1 1/2 hour by public transport for the nearest leather shop. A lot of  strength or a car are recommended when buying leather, because it tends to be very heavy. I do not have a driver license or own a car, so that’s a bummer for me. On Saturday we do happen to have a weekly fabric market  in Utrecht, the biggest and oldest one in the Netherlands. You can buy all sorts of fabrics and haberdashery. By chance one of the better leather stores had a stall at the market this week, lucky me. I needed to get some leather for a belt I have to make. A good excuse to go for some leather hunting.

Leather Shopping

Muscle time-out

A dear friend of mine offered me to get a massage for my birthday. Well, she did not offered to Give one but to visit a salon on her behalf. Thanks a bunch, such a sweet gesture! We first met at pregnancy class last year and we clicked right away. We were due on the same date and eventually giving birth 10 days apart, me last.

This massage was well needed. I had so, so many trigger points in my neck and back. I think I am physically in the worst state I have ever been. The therapist had literally some power up her sleeves and her magic worked. I came out as an improved version of myself, muscle wise. The ambiance of Five City Spa was very nice and relaxing and the service was pretty good, the salon is based in Utrecht.



Well that is a bad mesh up of Instagram and Inspiration, buuutt I’m going to use it anyway. Sometimes I am a little behind on the modern stuff, like social media. I owned an Instagram account for 2 years but only posted 10 pics since. On account of the blog I had to breathe new life into my Insta account. Not only am I discovering the whole strange world of buying fake followers and insane hashtags techniques, but also a world of stumbling upon new awesome artists. As you can see below I’m always intrigued by the weird stuff. Lets show you some of my finds!

  1. Dallas based artist Dan Lam makes oozy dripping sculptures. When I came across her feed I was intrigued by the bizarre yet dazzling art. It looks like you want to touch it, feel it wobble. Of course art comes with a price tag (between $600 -$2000 if you please), if you actually want to touch it find a gallery or buy one (if not sold out).
  2. I think it is pretty need if you can show a whole story with little image. Michal Kulesza is graphic designer and photographer from Poland. Recently he made a Lego project, he started of with a Legofying everyday objects but now transferred to a Lego figure himself doing random daily stuff. It is cleverly simple, funny and satisfying to flip through his photos. Check out his work on Instagram or on his took-a-pic account.
  3. This man is not actually on Instagram, but I came across pictures of his work. Willi Dorner is an Austria based choreographer who is keen on creating events that give the audience the opportunity for new experiences, insights and a different perception of every day’s life. With his choreography he squeezes human bodies into nooks and crannies for his Bodies in Urban Spaces project. The result is a eerie collaboration between bodies and spaces, it makes you want to stop and look. I would love to see this happen in real life.

Instagram inspiration

Sky snippets

The weather in the Netherlands is very unpredictable and we love to complain about it. Too hot, too cold, too wet, too windy. Nevertheless it brings us gorgeous sky’s. The first picture I took on a very clear day when we were hanging out on a city ‘beach’, with the view of the Dutch coffee factory Douwe Egberts. The second photo is a shot of a new apartment complex, the builders are laying their last hand on the exterior of the construction before it is habitable. The last one I took out of our living room. We are privileged to have this amazing, sometimes National Geographic kind of view on the big blue. I wished I had some more knowledge about clouds.

Utrecht Snapshot air

Surrounded by the greens & escargots for lunch

My parents own an vegetable garden, I visit once in awhile when I have to escape the rush of life. At the moment the garden is blooming and there is a lot to harvest. Last weekend me and the little one stopped over. We harvested some beans, beetroots, herbs and edible flowers. The munchkin is extremely curious and likes to investigate all the unknown. My mother, playing around with him handed over a bucket filled with a little bit of water. He not only poured all the water on top of himself, he also tried to eat the slug that was chilling at the bottom of the bucket. Several times. Luckily for him, soil can be found everywhere to satisfy his hunger… Mom life.

Well, that’s it folks! I am curious to know what I will stumble upon the coming weeks. I can not remember if I have anything planned, we will see. What is on the agenda for you?

Garden life

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