inside the cupboard #3

I am still in summer mood even though fall is around the corner. The trees are slowly changing color, from luscious green to burningdownthehouse red. Every season has its own charm. I have been of the grid for a while, my head is full of thoughts about everything and nothing. I am right in between the phase of shutting doors and starting new things. Besides all the thinking and pondering I just lived my normal day to day life. Time for a new ‘Inside the cupboard’ post to show you what’s up!

Work in progress

There are hunters and there are collectors. I definitely belong to the collectors. But I made the decision that I can not keep all the things I make for myself. Very brave right?  I am very insecure about my work, I think a lot of you creative people out there are. By using my own products in daily life and showing what I made to the world (social media etc) I get positive responses. Therefor, I decided it is time for a new step. Sell stuff! I love to make things by request but I also wanted to make a small production line. At the moment I am working on a bunch of big leather/felt wallets in 3 colors and I also want to develop some more products. Stay tuned for more …

inside the cupboard 3

Monument day

The ancient city center of my hometown Utrecht features many buildings and structures, several dating as far back as the High Middle Ages. You can imagine how many monuments you can find around here. That is why there is a annual monument day. You can visit a few dozen monuments and get a free guided tour. I love that such things are organized. We hopped by the old post-office at the Neude. The post office closed down a couple of years ago but the building remained. When I was younger I came here to deposit money I earned from my part-time job, to buy concert tickets and post stamps. The building is an amazing Amsterdam School structure build in the ’20. With high arches, lead lights and bluestone statues representing the 6 continents. The municipality is planning to realize the public library in here. I cannot wait how that turns out!

inside the cupboard 3

Dare2beyou Touchee 20 years anniversery

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by my friend Shanity to help out with the styling of her big dance showcase. Of course I could not refuse, this was an awesome opportunity for a totally different project. We put our heads together and made a plan for her 4 outfits. I bought 50 meters of fabric and started cutting, pinning and sewing. The outfits looked amazing on stage, the detailing was not that perfect, but that was not priority #1 seen the time I had for this project. I cannot find any links of video footage of the show but when I do, I will definitely post it.

inside the cupboard 3

Bella Italia

As I told in my previous ‘Inside the cupboard’ we were searching for a baby friendly vacation. The first option was Portugal, but I could not find the perfect place. So I make a u-turn and found this amazing Airbnb in San Vito dei Normanni, South Italy. A cozy apartment on a huge olive ranch with trees dating from the 16th century. We booked a flight to Brindisi, hired a car and packed our bags. We stayed here for a week, the weather was around 20°C and tourists were hard to find in the small streets of Puglia. I could write a whole, or maybe multiple post about this trip (and maybe I will). Taking a trip with a one year old is a whole new level of traveling. But it was so worth it. I cannot wait for our next trip.

inside the cupboard 3

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2 thoughts on “Inside the cupboard #3”

  1. Hi Kina, it’s nice to read about your adventures – both abroad and just around the corner. 🙂 Can’t wait to see how those wallets turn out. I was thinking I might use it as a small handbag; if it fits a phone, keys and a bit of money. Good luck finishing them!

    1. Thank you so much for the comment :)! Great to hear that you like to read my blog. The wallet def fits money and keys but maybe I should add a mini bag to the collection. Slightly bigger than the wallet I’m producing. Thanks for the tip! I am also working on a small wallet that fits in your pocket, just for cards and some coins. Stick around for updates

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