Exactly 2 years ago I did something I never thought I would do. If I thought about my future plans, this was not on my to-do list. I’d laugh about it when it came to speak, I’d joke about it when I saw it on tv, I thought it was a bit extravagant and out of date… But 2 years ago, against all odds, I did it:

                                                                          I got married.
Blue shoes heart
I got married to the sweetest and most kindest man I know. And in honor of our anniversary I will share a piece of our wedding day! YES GURL!  We’re gonna talk Shoes.

Wedding posing at paushuize
I believe (and still do) that you don’t have to tie the knot for true love. But we wanted to celebrate the special bond we have with all our loved once and throw one massive party. And so we did. The engagement was utterly romantic, personal (it involved shoes heyyy) and emotional (most of all: very unexpected!). He planned it SO so well! I said yes, off course! How could I refuse, and rocket Wedding Planning was ready for take off. Diving into wedding world made us… well how to put it proper… puke a little in the mouth.

-Admitting, my guilty pleasure at the time was TLC, hello Randy, can you help finding me a $10,000 Vera Wang dress-

We wanted to make this day personal, to the last detail and didn’t want a run-of-the-mill wedding (now we sound like typical millenials and control freaks, right?). We were convinced we could organized and made most of the stuff ourself and that was already half the fun. My mom made the dress, my father made the invitations, my family made the dinner, 2 friends were hosts, an old acquaintance was our DJ, an old neighbor was the photographer, my friends arranged the flowers/bouquet, an other friend made our cake,  our friends set up the dinner venue, students of my husband served out the dinner and the list goes on and on… We felt so rich (figuratively, literally we ware broke as a joke afterwords) with all these loving and talented people surrounding us. Never would I knew wedding planning would be such a blast (and intense).

Now, back to the focus on the main body of this post: shoes. Like I said, we made most of the wedding props ourself, shoes included. I am making shoes for a few years now, I am far from Godfather level but this HAD to be done. I’m not going to write a tutorial nor gonna explain in any way how I made them.

or one could say: too long & complicated maybe later about other shoes

But I WILL show them to you. I am not often proud of my work (q: hey that is weird, why do you have a blog? a: I have to learn to accept the flaws of my work buuuh) but these shoes make me smile when I see them. I totally forgot that I made daytime and evening shoes for both of us, at least I tried. My evening glitter extravaganzas failed tremendously so I had to buy an other pair online at ASOS (shame shame) a week before the wedding, oh how I love thou deadlines. But the other 3 pairs got my back. yes sir. In blue we said I do and we got down (and dirty?) on the dance floor in gold.

Wedding street shoes men

Wedding at home women shoes

Photos by Harold Naaijer


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