Woah it has been a while! Time for a new post about this pen roll I made in August. I’ve been busy with 1001 things: working, planning a vacation (muy importante), some loose projects, organizing my baby boys birthday, thinking and working on new steps in my career and so on. But I did not spend one single minute posting new stuff on Kina’s Kitchen! I did wrote some posts, but never posted them or even finished them. It’s about time to do so.

Pen roll flat inside outside

pen roll side

A pen roll as a gift

As it is sometimes hard to think of gifts for people that are the closest to you I reached out to my safety zone, making things. My brother is a very talented artist, drawing comics in Japanese style (check him out at tonibabelony.com or on Deviantart). A cartoonist alwasy has a bunch of favorite pens that need to be held together one way or the other. So, last August I made him this pen roll as a birthday present. It had to be send to Japan because it he lives there with his wife and kid. The pen roll was small and lightweight so I could easily add some Dutch candy and crisps without braking the bank. An easy but fulfilling project I must say.

I choose to make this pen roll with 2 materials, a brown-greenish suede and grey felt. I like the combination of leather and felt, there is a beauty in simplicity of the two. I finished the pen roll with a clip of an old suspender of my husband, a tiny little upcyling I did there.

pen roll back

World traveler

Well, I did sent it and it arrived in good hands, all the way in Japan. Kina’s Kitchen traveling the world kids! About traveling the world, we are taking a small break to visit the land of wine, pasta and mafia. So ciao for now but no worries, I’ll be back. Pinky promise that it will not take this long for a next post.

And for those who can’t wait here are some other projects I did: check out this clutch or this glittery bag for your entertainement :)!

pen roll clip


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